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Sandra Regina

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Homeowner by proxy? [08 Feb 2007|07:28am]
My brother bought a house! The financing and home inspection have gone through, and so he is now the proud co-owner (with his fiance) of a lovely 1 1/2 storey war-time house in Kitchener. Its the third house down from Woodlawn Cemetary on a nice quiet street, but just around the corner from Weber St., meaning quick access to grocery stores, video stores, the pharmacy, pizza stores, the expressway, etc., etc. Apparantly the roof and the wiring will need some work in the next five years or so, there's no garage, and the yard (which is huge!) isn't fenced, but on the plus size the basement is finished, there are plenty of bedrooms, and did I mention the yard was huge? My brother was very excited about the last part, and he's already planning backyard BBQ parties for all his friends. Outdoor entertaining is their main passion. They don't take possession until April, but they have lots of time to pack. Which is a good thing.

[30 Jan 2007|07:29am]
I had a nice day off yesterday. Didn't do much, but it was nice. My brother's search for a house continues - they haven't found a place yet, but they've got a mortgage broker and a real estate agent on their side now. Their search was delayed somewhat by both of them coming down with the Norwalk virus a couple of weeks ago - they're finally more-or-less back up to speed, but they were both completely out of it for a while.
The weather is finally where I like it - cold, lots of snow on the ground, but not a whole lot falling from the sky to make driving painful. And pretty icicles everywhere...

Mmm, pasta [23 Jan 2007|12:54pm]
So at lunch today, L and I were talking about our jobs and various frustrations we're having at the moment. Like L not having the proper resources to train people, and me having to report directly to management because of the abrupt lack of team leader. (Yesterday not fewer than four co-workers told me I should be the next team leader. It was flattering, but. I do NOT want the job)

We both felt we needed another job. 

I proposed being a "Relaxation Consultant", and charge people obscene amounts of money to tell them to take a day off. L decided she would become a "Video Game Therapist" and charge people equally obscene amounts of money to come over and play video games. I told her I would refer my people to her. Then they could pay me big money to get permission to take time off, and her big money for giving them something to do.

Wouldn't that be nice?

Well that was...unexpected [22 Jan 2007|12:35pm]

My Team Leader quit this morning. She left with tears of frustration, for which I do not blame her. She's not the easiest person in the world to get along with, and people who've been reading this journal for a while know that I've never liked her (and only recently begun to tolerate working with her). But I freely acknowledge that she was constantly dumped on my upper management (as most middle managers and team leaders at my workplace and I'm sure many others), and was being jerked around rather specifically in the past few months - like having members of her team arbitrarily reassigned to a different department without consulting or even informing her until after it was said and done. Plus her workload was conitnually added to, with nothing ever taken away. The stress got to her, and she left.

Of course, our team is a little rudderless right now, and the person nominally 'in charge' - her boss - is not exactly the most organized, pro-active, or considerate person. For example, she's the one that took away staff from my ex-Team Leader without telling her.

No, I am not stepping up into the Team Leader position, not that its been offered to me. But even if it was. There is not enough money to make me put up with the crap that Team Leaders at my company have to put up with every day (and evening, and weekend, too).

Fascinating... [22 Jan 2007|07:30am]

Slip Sliding Away.... [18 Jan 2007|03:24pm]

Either - Or [18 Jan 2007|03:23pm]
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Everything Ok For Now [18 Jan 2007|06:51am]
Mom finally called about 1:45 am last night to advise that the hospital checked Dad out and couldn't find anything wrong. His colour came back, and he didn't pass out again. But as to why he did in the first place, they have no idea. He's been told to see his doctor stat.

Thanks for everyone's kind and supportive comments. I know my parents are getting older, but they've always been healthy and vigorous (if not excatly athletic). I've never seen my Dad look so frail, or so old before. He's only 62.

Interesting times... [17 Jan 2007|11:30pm]
So, Monday was a snow day. More of an ice day, really, but the effect was the same. I just lazed about all day, much to the delight of the cats. Relaxing, but boring.

Tuesday I woke up, went to work, visited lagustarfor a few minutes, watched NCIS, read a bit of my new medieval mystery novel, and went to bed early (well, early for me). A pleasant day, quite nice actually, but nothing terribly exciting.

Today should have been the same. Got up, went to work, went to class, had an informative evening, then went to the parents to show off my nifty new texts - we each got a copy of the Cambridge Offical Plan and Zoning Bylaws, and they have maps. I was having a great time going over the maps and figuring out what the zoning classifications were for my mom's hospice, my aunts' convent, and a few other things we know about in Cambridge. Dad had a cigarette, Mom complained she was hot - normal. Perfectly normal. Then all of a sudden Dad is sitting down, pale and ashy like an old t.v. gone to snow, and mumbling about wanting to go lay down. Except he couldn't stand up, and Mom tried to help him up and he wasn't responding. He'd passed out. Then he sort of came to, and Mom asked if he wanted to lay down in bed or on the couch. He said the couch. So my mom tries to help him up again, only he can't stand up and he's shaking. I go over to help, and he's passed out again, eyes open but nobody home. Mom called 911 and he came to about halfway through the call. I managed somehow to get him to the couch, but he almost passed out again on me. Once he was lying down, though, a bit of colour came back and he seemed more himself again, not so frail and shaky. I've never seen him like that before. It was a little scary.  Any way, the paramedics showed up and his heart rate was fine, blood pressure fine, blood sugar fine, all the little tests they can do were coming back normal. His colour was still "crap" ("crap" being a direct quote from one of the paramedics - they were both young women, very calm and reassuring and competent but no pussyfooting), so my mom decided they should take him in to Emerg for a fuller checkup and some oxygen. I'm waiting for the phone call that tells me everything is fine. Except for Dad passing out repeatedly over a short span of time for No Bloody Reason.

And then, on the way home, I almost plowed into two deer, does, running across Fountain St. right in front of my car. Two. In a nice little line. Right in front of me. Almost swerved into an oncoming truck trying not to hit them, too.

I want my boring life back now please. Thanks.

Stuck at Home [15 Jan 2007|10:20am]
A nice bit of ice rain has come through - might still be coming through. Covered my car in a nice thick layer of ice. And now I'm stuck at home. Darn it all. :)

Audiobooks [10 Jan 2007|01:01pm]
I've decided to join the 50bookchallenge, since I have three books on the go right now as it is. I think I can do it. ;-) 

But I also decided to try out audiobooks for the first time, via my new shuffle (I'm so in love). I googled up free audiobooks and went to this site: Free Classic AudioBooks, and downloaded Tristan and Iseult. It was actually really good to work to - the story kept my brain busy and active while I worked away at processing cheques, and I was much more focused & less restless about my work than I've been in ages. I think my next go will be The Secret Garden, a story I really enjoy. Hopefully the narrator will be as good as the last one. 

As for the weather - its just how I like it right now. Snow on the ground but not blinding me while I drove in this morning, cold but not bone-chilling. Too bad its supposed to rain tomorrow. =(

Musicality [09 Jan 2007|07:16pm]
I realized my last post was worded poorly. It sounded like I was looking for sources of where to get music.

What I'm really after is recommendations of bands, singers, etc., stuff you like but isn't necessarily popular (or at least not on the radio 20 times a day in Canada). Forget where I can get it - just let me know what you like to listen to and would recommend to someone.

For reference, I have everything from 11th century church music to Marilyn Manson. My taste is...eclectic.

Music [08 Jan 2007|12:56pm]
So, now that I have a nifty mp3 player type device, I want to start filling it with cool music.

Any recommendations? I prefer free/really cheap ass, because the number of times my computer goes down makes me reluctant to spend lots of money on music that only exists on my computer. The pain of losing photos is hard enough, but those I made myself for almost nothing.

That is all.

Ireland, you say? [08 Jan 2007|12:51pm]
You Belong in Dublin

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Snow! Real Snow! [07 Jan 2007|12:00pm]

It actually snowed this morning. Big fat white fluffy snow flakes. That stuck to things and turned grey-brown grass to white. Of course, now that its lunch and I have time to take pics the snow has melted, but for a few hours it actually resembled winter out there. Amazing.

For some reason I am really missing my house. The one I had before the divorce. It was just a mushroom house, the corner end block of a four-plex. But I miss it so - it was kiddie-corner from a park, there was a separate office, and a loft-library, and a great big living room to stretch out in. I think part of this longing stems from the clutter invading my already small apartment, and I need to do a serious clean and toss to get rid of a lot of it. My house had three bedrooms and a loft and a wide open kitchen/dining area - so much room to stretch out in and lose stuff in. *sigh*. Ah well, some day I will have space again. Until then, I will remind myself that small spaces are easier to clean (or at least faster to clean!) and that if I lived in a larger space I would clutter it up too - clutter expands to fill space available, after all.

A Linky Post [04 Jan 2007|12:42pm]

I had sort of an entire LJ post in my head last night. Then I went to bed and slept it out. So I present links instead of profundities, for which I am sure you are all grateful.

First of all is a new online game that I am thoroughly enjoying. It is called Funeral Quest  (link is to the main page, where you can pick the server you want to play on - I'm on the non-tourney one). The basic premise is that you are the proud owner of a funeral home, and you have to get as much money out of your customers as possible without pissing them off and driving them to your competitors. Play is livened up by the ability to improve your salesmanship, by the opportunity to steal 'tags' from your competitors and/or beat them up or set their home on fire, by special events that occur at random, and by playing the lottery. You accumulate 'tags' (wood, silver, or gold based on the casket type ultimately sold) and 'bury points' (which correspond to how much you've pushed, but also on how you respond to various special events), and have 'luck' which seems to make a difference on the type of customers you get. One thing that bothers me is that if I know I'm within, say $200 of a person's limit, I can't offer items that are $200 or less. There are only 2 categories - Hard Sell for the big ticket items, and Soft Sell for everything else - but what I offer after that is random. I wish I had a little more control. The items offered for sale are quite funny - Professional Mourners, Full Body Burial Wax, In-Coffin Cell Phone (in case of premature burial), etc.

Second is I, Cthulhu, a short story by Neil Gaiman., and the Babycakes comic, by joni, based on Neil's short story of the same name. I listed to Maddy interviewing her dad on my iPod this morning, and it made me Neil-stalgic (nostalgic for Neil). 

Via Metafilter, which I love and adore, I found this really neat website on pre-modern English handwriting called Paleography, and a cool game to go with it. The tutorials are fascinating. As for the game: Think you can save the woman from a witch's dunking by deciphering a few paltry hand-written words? I bet you can't...

Lastly, for links, is a link to the Flickr Group *Winter MADNESS* for those of us who would like a little snow with our winter. Can't play it in, but we can at least look at it. 

And lastly lastly, I've decided to knit up a washcloth for my cousins. Definately not going with candles. This was its small, personalized, and very, very cheap (good for post-Christmas!), since I already have the needles and the cotton and the pattern I want is online. (Ok, so I lied about the 'last link' thing in the prevous paragraph. You don't have to click).

TMI Mouth Stuff [04 Jan 2007|12:36pm]

Last night I had a dental appointment. It was the tooth-scraping/polishing one, where they poke at you with a sharp instrument for several minutes and then tell you your gums are inflamed. Which they may very well be, but poking them with sharp metal bits? That's just insult on top of injury. Or something. 
Apparantly my gums are in 'serious danger' and are already infected, hence their pinkness, and I must needs gargle with heavy-duty mouthwash (the kind that makes extra-strength Listerine look like a pussy) twice a day, and then go back to the dentist in four weeks to make sure my gums haven't 'sloughed off'. Yay.  Aside from one molar that keeps getting cavities every few years (in the side, where I can't floss), my teeth themselves are pretty healthy and strong and solid. Its my gums that have problems. 
So one of my yearly 'improvements' this year is to brush more, especially near the gumline (but not too hard!) and use mouthwash on a daily basis. I hate mouthwash. But its that or perfectly healthy teeth falling out of bleeding, inflamed, recessed gums. According to the hygenist, any way.

I got an e-mail from one of my German cousins yesterday. In it he described his new apartment, his enjoyment of this hacker convention in Berlin, and his New Year's Eve night at the volunteer firedepartment where he works. Apparantly it was a quiet night, and they had a bit of a party, interrupted only by two calls. The first was a trash fire. The second? Someone set clothes on fire on a balcony. That must have been some party...

Oh, and my cousins whose house burned down have finally, after several months, finished their 'new' house (which is on the same property). So on Saturday I'm going to their open house/house warming party. Any suggestions on an inexpensive gift? And not a fire alarm... ;-)

And the Teddy Bears have their Picnic [03 Jan 2007|12:45pm]

Teddy Bear Picnic, originally uploaded by Sandra Regina.

On Saturday, coming home from a full day of D&D at the Hobby Kingdom in Burlington (a great store, by the way, very new but very clean and bright and open and conductive to good gaming), I passed by a christmas light display. Well, I had to turn around and go back, because it was so neat. Plus I love christmas lights. There was all kinds of light displays, including lighted boxes full of interesting scenes both Christmas and toy-related. This one is the Teddy Bear Picnic, of course, and the song was playing in the background. There are more pictures on my flickr stream.

Happy New Year [03 Jan 2007|12:32pm]
Okay, so I'm a couple of days late. I've been busy playing with my new toys - including the new iPod shuffle I bought. Yes, I broke down and got one. Teeny tiny little thing, but that's actually really good for work (where I've been playing it most so far), because it just can't get in the way. Its too small. ;) So far I've filled it with pre-classical music, stuff from the 12th-15th centuries. What can I say, I like medieval music. Its very soothing and relaxing.

I have been suffering from anxiety attacks, as well. Massive heart pounding, dry mouth, can't breathe, the works. I've found deep breaths and a big glass of water are the most helpful. 

I have zero motivation for work. Which was semi-acceptable and at least explainable during the holidays, because no one else wanted to work either. It was Christmas. But now I need to pull up my trouser socks and focus again, and its really difficult. Hopefully the melodic strains of harpsichords and choral chanting can put me back on track.

I still dont' know what's wrong with my radio at home. I'm afraid to buy a new adaptor, however, in case that's not the problem. Those things are expensive. 

Well, that's all for now. The sun is shining brightly outside and there is a possibility the weather might actually be cold.

Via the Wondersheep. [29 Dec 2006|12:53pm]

This Sandra Regina attracts Those We Do Not Speak Of. You must bury it.

Which movie was this quote from?

Get your own quotes:

Okay, it made me giggle. 

In other news, tonight starts a veritable marathon of Living Greyhawk - it shall be fun, for thus I have decreed. But likely exhausting as well. 

Also, I have no real plans for New Year's Day. Not that it matters, really, I just thought I'd mention it.

Oh, and I got meself a shiny new iPod Shuffle. Yay! I own an mp3 player finally!

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